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If you are a dying to watch an action/adventure movie, then you will be very much excited to hear that Baz Luhrmann's movie Australia featuring new mom Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman is soon to hit the theaters.
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20th Century Fox production house could not have chosen a better director to direct the movie than the famed Australian director Baz Luhrmann as this movie is takes its shape in Northern Australia just on the brink of World War II.

It is his brilliance of combining two stories in one single package that will be the talk among movie buffs once the film hits the movie screens across the globe.

Australia tells the story of Lady Sarah Ashley, played by Nicole Kidman, who has to unwillingly strike a deal with Hugh Jackman, who portrays the role of a cattle driver, in a bid to protect her inherited cattle ranch property from her late husband from the evil people who want to take over her property.

This movie is a visual treat as the lead characters drive the cattle across the beautiful Northern Australian landscapes and the movie has all the necessary ingredients of love, war, relationships, drama and adventure. The other casts in this movie include newcomer Brendon Walters who plays the role of a 13 year old Aboriginal boy Nullah, Jack Thompson and David Wenham.

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