Shahnaab Alam Has Been Nominated on Board of an Australian Film Initiative as an Advisor

Shahnaab Alam has been Nominated on Board of an Australian Film Initiative as an AdvisorShahnaab Alam, the executive producer of Yash Raj Films who produced 'Dhoom' has recently been nominated as an adviser in the board of an Australian Film Initiative. While producing this film, he has also got a substantial exposure in working with some big shot names in the Indian silver screen like that of John Abraham, Abhishek Bachchan, Uday Chopra, Esha Deol, and Rimi Sen. Mr. Alam has also remained the executive producer of the wonderful film 'Socha Na Tha', a movie that marked the debut of the talented actor Abhay Deol and Ayesha Takia. This film too is well accepted by the audience.Shahnaab Alam movies, therefore, are well accredited with considerable critic appreciations and profit. Today, he has gained a huge amount of popularity and success in his field. And it is perhaps that is why, the Australian film initiative named him as their adviser. Mr Alam's experiences and creative understanding of the process is sure to help the initiative a lot. AAFI is a recognized Australian film body that promotes and facilitates cinematic trade in between the Australian film fraternity and the rest of the world. Mr Alam, therefore, is believed to be playing a crucial role in establishing a closer working relationship between the film industries of India and Australia from the AAFI.Shahnaab Alam Bollywood has been a prominent name in the Indian film industry. Apart from being executive producers of the mainstream cinemas, he has also been credited with unconventional productions and has shown a mettle to go out of the box while claiming an achievement. A few of the laudable efforts that come under his name are 'Ghoom Taana', a short musical film; and two music videos, based upon the tracks from the album 'Truth'. In both of these two projects, Mr Alam has remained the producer of the respective units and contributed much to their eminent success.In 'Ghoom Tanna', along with Salman Ahmed, the lead singer of renowned Pakistani band 'Junoon', Shahnaab Alam initiated the project. This film features an eponymous song sung by Subha Mudgal featuring Nandita Das. It has both the Pakistani and Indian support crews and casts in equal numbers and is produced with a noble aim to strengthen the Indo-Pakistani friendship. He has also been associated with producing music videos on the musical compositions of Aman Ali Khan and Ayan Ali Khan, the well renowned sarod-brothers of India.Shahnaab Alam Facebook can also give you more information about this notable individual, and also about his works and achievements. You can also get in touch with him herewith. So, if you have some queries or just wish to learn more about him, visit his Facebook profile.